Prairie Breeze Post Town Winery White Wine
Prairie Breeze

A varietal made from the Prairie Star grape. It's a light white, understated wine with hints of pear; somewhat reminiscent of Chablis; best served chilled. 


LaCrosse White wine Post Town Winery

From Minnesota-grown LaCrosse grapes, this delightfully smooth white wine has hints of pear, apricot, and honey dew melon.

La Crescent White Wine Post Town Winery

From Minnesota-grown La Crescent grapes, this refreshing white wine is reminiscent of a Riesling with fruity aromas and a pleasant sweet bouquet.

Golden Cougar Wine Post Town Winery
Golden Cougar

 A unique combination of Minnesota's best grapes, Golden Cougar exhibits the crisp and lively tropical fruit flavors of Frontenac Gris while allowing the smooth yet complex black current and spices of Marquette show through. 

Prairie Gold White Wine Post Town WInery
Prairie Gold

A crisp white from the Frontenac Gris grape with hints of peach, apricot, and tropical fruit.


First Embrace  Red Wine Post Town Winery
First Embrace

Plum-cherry fruit that is aged nicely with just the right level of tannins. This Frontenac varietal is full bodied, muscular, and surprisingly complex.

First Embrace Red Wine Post Town WInery
Marachel Foch

This wine has a vibrant deep purple color with dark berry fruit characteristics; light-medium structure coupled with flavors of toasted wheat and mocha.

Marachel Foch Red Wine Post Town Winery
Prairie Cougar

From Minnesota grown Marquette grapes, this seductive deep red wine of Pinot-Noir parentage has a complexity and richness with hints of cherry, blackberry, pepper and spice.

Prairie Cougar red wine Post Town Winery
First Blush

A fan-favorite Rose' style wine made from pressing Frontenac grapes with very little skin time. Excellent summer wine when served slightly chilled. It is fruity, slightly sweet tasting with a dark rose color.

First Blush Wine Post Town Winery
Sweet Seduction

Oak barel aged to just the right level of complexity, this indulgent wine made from Minnesota Frontenac Grapes will entice you, draw you in and play with your senses. Can you say perfection? Enjoy!