How many people will your space accommodate?

Our space will comfortably accommodate 50 people. During summer months when we can open the outdoor patio we can accommodate up to 60 people.

During the summer months you may rent, at your own expense, a tent with a maximum size of 20X40.

You are also responsible for renting tables and chairs for larger gatherings or if you wish to have a formal sit-down dinner.

What types of events work well in this location

We have had a variety of events held at Post Town Winery and Studio 5. From wedding ceremonies, wedding reception, bridal shower, baby shower, retirement party, graduation party, birthday party, book signing, fashion show, Christmas party to business meetings--just about any event with 50 people or less will work in our space!

What are the rental fees?

Our rental fee is a minimum of $300.00 which includes $200 - 1 day/evening venue rental with comfortable and inviting indoor space for party/ceremony/music with sound system, microphones and unlimited music genre choices, chairs, tables, bar/serving area for 50-60 guests, set up and cleaning fee. Additional outdoor space available in good weather; this fee also includes $100 - base purchase of 6 bottles of assorted wine from local Patton Family Vineyard and the use of venue wine glasses.

Additional fees-Projector available for $10 upcharge

Additional charge (charged per bottle + tax) if you use more than 6 bottles of wine.

Wedding ceremony and reception rental (up to 24 hour rental) $450, ($150 of this charge covers the Officient fee). If you are having more than 6 bottles of wine there will be an additional charge per bottle (plus tax).

How do we choose the wine for our event?

Our selections can vary but we will work with you to learn what your preferences are (i.e. white, red, sweet, or dry).

Do you have caterers? Can we bring in food and drinks?

We have a list of excellent caterers! No outside wine is allowed but you are welcome to bring in food and non-wine drinks. Post Town Winery and Studio 5 are not responsible for any illness guests may develop as a result of food and/or beverages you serve during the event. Upon request, we will gladly set up tables for you for your food and/or gifts but you are responsible for providing the table coverings.

Can we use your wine glasses for our event?

Yes! Post Town Winery glasses can be used for your event. We ask that at the end of your event you rinse out the glasses in the sink and place them in the wine glass rack for cleaning.